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RDC Commission health staff house at Busunju Health Center III.

RDC Commission health staff house at Busunju Health Center III.


Deputy Resident District Commissioner Mityana District Prosy Mwanjuzi and the district leadership have commissioned the staff house at Busunju Health Center III today that will accomodate over five health workers.



While commissioning the staff house Deputy RDC thanked the government of Uganda for providing funds to the district to set up a good structure that helps the community.



Deputy RDC said that the government has tried setting up many projects for the people though some people fail to use them well and asked the community of Busunju to use well the health facility and the staff houses so that they can benefit the people of Busunju.



She went further to thank Almond Integral contractors for the good work they have done and also to finish on time she said that many contractors are given projects and they take longer to finish them and even they fail to follow the BOQs that are put in the contract.



Deputy RDC cautioned the Busunju Health Center III in charge as she is going to arrest him if he doesn’t find the health workers at the health facility the patients are at the facility and she said that they have to be at the station all the time that’s why they have constructed staff houses at the facility.



The Mityana District Chief Administrative Officer Edith Mutabaazi thanked the Mityana diocese that gave land to construct the health facility and she said that the government cannot give any project to the district which doesn’t have land to put it on.



CAO said that now we need to talk to the Church of Uganda to help us and give us another land and we construct a seed school for Busunju.



CAO went further to say that they are planning to add more staff houses at the facility and also to increase the number of health workers at the facility.



The Mityana district health Officer Dr. Vicent Kawooya said that the staff house has coasted 170 million and the equipment for the Busunju facility is already in the country they have started circulating them and soon Busunju Health Center is going to get their equipment.



Chairperson Kiduuzi LC1 Badru Ssemwanga has thanked the district for bringing this facility to his area and he said that they have been moving long distances to get health services and most of them they have been getting them from Namayumba health center in Wakiso district.