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Mityana District Budget Speech for Financial Year 2023/2024

Mityana district has laid the budget speech for 2023-2024 to the District Council today.


Mityana district has laid the budget speech for 2023-2024 to the District Council today.


The Budget Speech was presented by the Secretary for Finance, Planning, Administration, and Investment Hon Nassali Annie Mariam who also serve as the Vice Chairperson of Mityana District.


Hon Nassali said that according to section 77(6) of the Local Government Act CAP 243 as amended (2015) provides that the Chairperson of a Local Government shall not later than the first day of April cause to be prepared and laid before Council, estimates of revenue and expenditure for the next financial year.


Hon Nassali stated that this is the 18th Edition in a series of compilations for Mityana District Local Government since Mityana attained a District status.


The Total district Budget for Financial Year 2023/2024 amounts to Shs 34,669,198,534 as compared to Shs 34,724,866,473 for the Financial Year 2022/2023 reflecting a drop of 0.1%.


The Revenue target for the 2023/2024 Financial Year is 34,669,198,534, comprised as Follows; Local Revenue of Shs 1,041,400,082 Central Government transfers of Shs 32,115,240,664, Other Government Transfers of Shs 1,012,557,788 and Donors / NGOs transfers Shs 500,000,000. The respective percentage contributions are Local Revenue 3%, Central Government transfers 93%, other government transfers 3%, and Donors/NGOs 1%.



The Budget for Financial Year 2023/2024 is tailored among others to focus on:

Ø  Improving household incomes through improved Agricultural practices.

Ø  Ensuring food self-sufficiency and food security in the District and Effective marketing of agricultural livestock and products.

Ø  Raising the level of economic and social development in the District.

Ø  Increasing the level of Education and Literacy in the District.

Ø  Increasing adequate and accessible health services in the District.

Ø  Building a sound infrastructural network in the District including feeder roads, water, etc.

Ø  Develop democracy, good governance, and accountability.

Ø  Ensuring sustainable use of natural resources, increasing access to safe water, and improved sanitation.